On the Scene: Billion Dollar Babes

Now let’s get one thing straight. I know Billion Dollar Babes isn’t indie fashion all the way. Some of it is outrageously expensive stuff that you’d find in Neiman’s or big name mass producers like Oliver Peoples. But it’s the sort of event that appeals to the indie fashion set, I think.

Sadly, I was not able to secure permission to take photographs. I should have just taken them without asking, but of course I had to be a question-asker. I was told that I might be able to take pix if I waited to talk to the owner when she got out of a meeting, but I was done shopping and it was balls hot in there. I had to get out. And plus, I was having a handbag envy meltdown of the first degree.

A few reactions:

1. The changing room made me feel like I was in a holding pen with a bunch of other women on the cusp of being sold into white-Asian slavery. It was so crowded in there that I feared accidentally bumping butts with the chick beside me when I was trying to shimmy into a pair of Grey Ant jeans. Kinda like the fashionista version of crossing swords.

2. Why does everyone have a better butt than I do? I hate that.

3. Give’s totes, cosmetic cases and shoulder bags really just keep looking better and better each time I run across them. I almost ate one of the vanity cases I liked it so much. There were also great prices, like the $465 Baby Framed bag on sale for $75.

4. I was actually surprised to see a good amount of pants in realistic sizes. On the Alvin Valley $109 rack, there were many pairs that were size 10 and up – which is something I often don’t see at sales like this. And I like to point it out because I just think it sucks sales turn into exclusive clubs for skinny minnies. That’s just depressing.

5. My general nutshell for anyone thinking about going to a future event: prepare to find high-end designer pieces for good discounts, but with many items still over $100. It’s not like a bargain hunter situation – like to walk out with lots of stuff, you’d still have to spend several hundos. A great place to go for discounts on leather handbags. Loved the Goldenbleu stuff – and so much cheaper than regular prices.

Okay, time to get back to melting in this insane heat wave.