Stickycard – You Gotta Get One

stickycard logo1.gifStickycard. You want to get one of these things. It’s a card (shock of the century) that you can use to accumulate points at independent SF retailers like My Roommate’s Closet, Wink SF, Mingle, Tate & Kennedy, The Urban Nest and sumbody. There are plenty of other participating merchants, but these are the fashion- and accessories-related ones.

So what’s in it for you, huh? You can trade your points in for gift cards and discounts at any of the Stickycard merchants. You also get the head’s up on sales and events, as well as special offers like freebies. For example, I got an email this week telling me I could get a full-sized bath melt from sumbody just by walking in and showing them my Stickycard (first time customers only).

Kinda kewl.