USF Fashion Show Coming in September

Following up on my brief post about the upcoming USF fashion show, here’s some additional information from the event organizer, Rhonda:

The show titled “Get up, Get dressed, Do something” will be held Saturday September 10th, 7-11:30PM. There will also be a live DJ, the runway show, and art gallery. I planned this event to start the year in high energy for the USF students and community, because as a visual arts student at USF who also grew up in the city, I’ve realized that many of the students don’t take
enough time to explore San Francisco and San Francisco culture before the stress of work and classes kicks in.

This is the first event I’ve attempted to organize, and i’m looking forward to getting students exposed to various artists and designers. I’m still looking for artists and designers to participate, and the more the merrier! If there are any other questions, please have them email me at this address, and i’ll be more than happy to answer them. Thank you again for your support!