Billion Dollar Babes – Okay

I went to the Billion Dollar Babes sale on Saturday, and, after going, I’d be quite interested to see what sort of selection one gets with either of the premium memberships. As it was, the selection of clothes by 10am on Saturday morning (the sale started at 8am) was decent, but by no means did it rock my world.

What was cool about the event was the variety of designers. There were some designers that I would describe as indie – local, independent and yet to be mass-produced. An example of this (although definitely on the higher end of things) is Goldenblue, the handbag designer. There were also some designers whose names and designs are readily available in boutiques and, occasionally, department stores. For example, Rock and Republic jeans, James Jeans, Lotta Stensson, Chaiken, Cynthia Vincent, Rebecca Taylor, Ya Ya, William B and Oliver Peoples.

I went looking for a cocktail dress, but didn’t find anything that would have worked. There were plently of sequined, ruffled or otherwise snazzed-out tanks tops, camisoles and what have you, but nothing that I would wear to a wedding. If I had been in the mood to drop cash at the event, I would have picked up a pair of Rock and Republic Jeans, a Lotta Stensson tunic and, perhaps, one of Goldenblue’s Marilyn bags. But, as it happened, I was having an ultra mature shopping day and decided to save my cash to buy the dress I actually NEED.


A few years ago, gotta tell ya, I would have left that sale with tons of crap in tow. I suppose being a freelance writer has cured me (somewhat) of the random, spastic shopping habit I had back in the day.

marilyn bag.jpg

[Photo 1: Hotter Than Hollywood]
[Photo 2: Goldenbleu]