Nopal Apparel

Today, from the designer grab bag, I pulled out a Nopal Apparel business card. There was an indie fashion bazaar earlier this summer at 111 Minna (can’t remember the name of it, but it was cool) where I saw Nopal for the first time. I ended up buying two of designer Daniel Sanchez Glazer’s shirts: the Sade and the Spirals. Glazer does all the designs himself. Most are printed on American Apparel cotton shirts and tanks.

Nopal means cactus in Spanish, and the company’s slogan is “Bearing fruit in the harshest climates.” Hearing that line prompted me to buy the first shirt (Spiral) for a friend of mine who exemplifies the sentiment. It just fits her so well. And then, of course, I HAD to get one (Sade) for myself….

Check the website (linked above) for pix.